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What People Are Saying


Our child began lessons with Sandra Scruton when she was 5 years old. We were hoping to receive basic instruction in piano to allow our child to appreciate music and expand her abilities. We had no expectations, only the hope that our child would like piano. To our surprise, not only did we find an extremely organized and knowledgeable instructor in Mrs. Scruton, but we were astounded by her exceptional kindness, creativity and ability to engage with children. Using *Tales of a Musical Journey* as the basis of her instruction, Mrs. Scruton spun a story and mystique around learning the piano, capturing our imaginations and thereby accelerating the learning process and encouraging engagement with the piano each day. As a result, Mrs. Scruton laid the foundation with our child and indeed, our family, for a love of music. We have now spent 4 years with Mrs. Scruton and we could not be more pleased with our progress, as measured by the annual recital. Each year, Mrs. Scruton hosts a beautiful recital that encourages the very best that her students can offer but not to the detriment or undue stress of the child. She is supportive, understanding and accepting of each child's unique abilities and needs and we are so proud watching each and every student perform. Our family cannot adequately express our gratitude for this gift of music that has been given and our admiration for this dedicated and talented instructor. She is a part of our family and our hearts.

- Alicia McTavish, June 2023


Our family found Scruton Piano Studio through an online search for RCM piano teachers in our area. We were looking for both beginner piano for our 8 year old and RCM level teachings to advance our older child who was in RCM level 2 but unable to advance. 

Sandra was a treasure to find for sure! She had our 8 year old excited  and engaged in piano immediately. She met him on his level, was kind but firm, and was able to connect with him in a way that was unique to his learning style and helped him advance. She is more than adept at teaching in so many ways, and so many times thrilled myself and my son with her inventive ways of remembering or training a concept, while always making the classes fun and ripe with learning even when mistakes had been made.  My older son had to return to some earlier learning to fill in gaps in sight reading and theory. Sandra was the one to spot it immediately and identify that it was necessary, and she also challenged and championed him every step of the way. In one piano year he not only moved past level two, but is a vastly more confident piano player with solid theory and sight reading skills. His love and skill for piano have both flourished under Sandra’s trained ear, and  professional teaching style. I would  highly recommend Sandra and Scruton Piano Studio to anyone looking to attain solid skill and beautiful playing style in piano. 

- Mandie Schuler, June 2023



Sandra has been such a pleasure to learn with. My daughter began her journey into music at 5 years old with Sandra, using Irina Gorin’s Tales of a Musical Journey. Sandra’s dedication to teaching excellent

technique and fundamentals to create a strong piano foundation through an accessible and fun story really grabbed and kept my daughter’s attention. Within weeks, Elliott was playing and singing at the piano, becoming familiar with classical music and expressing her love for piano through art and dance.Through Sandra’s guidance, she has been reading music for the past 6 months. Sandra creates a true

partnership with parents, encouraging all to become participants in their child’s formative years with their relationship to music. Sandra’s experience as a teacher really spoke to me as an experienced

pianist and like any good teacher, she’s a fantastic influence and coach, teaching skills to my kids that transcend music. I would strongly recommend her for any child just starting their musical journey or parent looking for a partner in musical education for their child.

- Michelle Fernandes, June 2020


Our family moved to Cochrane last summer and our three children have taken piano lessons with Sandra since September. Right from our first phone call in the summer I could feel Sandra’s passion for teaching. She really cares about her students and is always sharing any new information and techniques she learns from colleagues and seminars/conferences she regularly attends. Each of my kids is very different and Sandra quickly recognized that and is able to keep them all interested and motivated. She is also very patient and her teaching style really encourages them to do well. My kids have learned a lot in the last year and their playing and technique have both improved significantly. Even with the restrictions in place due to Covid-19 our lessons have continued successfully via FaceTime. No small feat!! We all really look forward to our time with Sandra each week and are excited for next year!

- Kristine Juliano, June 2020


Sandra Scruton has been Avi’s piano teacher since 2017, when Avi was in grade one. Sandra has shared her passion and love of playing the piano with my daughter. My husband and I witnessed Sandra’s enthusiasm and diligence to make Avi feel comfortable and confident in playing the piano. Sandra also connects with Avi easily which has helped her make remarkable progress during her two years of lessons. 

Sandra also went above and beyond by taking time to give us tips about buying a piano. My daughter loves her and is always looking forward to her piano lesson every week.

-Daisy Ardosa, August  2019


I have had the privilege of having Ms. Scruton teach our family since January 2019. I am very impressed with and grateful for her foundational knowledge, her experience, and her genuine connection to her students. She has the competence to see what the students require at THEIR level and RAISE them to an impressive standard. I do not make it a habit to give recommendations and therefore can assure you with utmost confidence that if you are able to secure her talent to teach your family that you would be very blessed indeed.

-Donna Smyl, July 2019


Sandra is a truly amazing and talented teacher. She is so passionate about what she does, and she is sowing this enthusiasm into each of her students. She has a personal approach in a fun and engaging environment. Her energy is unbelievable! Sandra helps kids to feel, listen, and understand music and become passionate about it. She is so organized and is always explaining to the kids what discipline looks like. Sandra’s studio is well equipped with everything you can imagine, even toys for the siblings that are allowed to come to a lesson. We really appreciate her approach, humble spirit, and loving heart. Sandra is a wonderful teacher! Thank you for your piano lessons and for being part of this beautiful town.

-Daria Igonina, July 2019


Before meeting Sandra, I had played piano for 2 years with incessant wrist pain. It really slowed me down and made it impossible to play at times; I was only able to last 5 or 10 minutes before the pain was unbearable. I had gone to doctors to try to fix the problem, but none could say what the issue was or what could be done. I heard about Sandra through someone at Long & McQuade  when I was looking for a teacher who could help me with my problem. Sandra was able to show me a way to play that allowed my playing to be so much more effortless and expressive, and most importantly, pain free. She was also able to show me an exercise program which helped my wrists feel better, not just for playing piano but for everyday things as well. Sandra is always in a great mood and prepared to teach. Her lessons are very structured, and I have made a lot of progress in the short time I’ve been her student.

-Tanner Benson, June 2019


I am happy to recommend Sandra Scruton to any prospective students and parents. I have had the privilege of knowing Sandra as a professional colleague for a decade or more and have seen first hand her interest in growing as a teacher so as to become better equipped to help her students. I have also seen first hand the fine work that she has done with some of her students.  In return, I have observed how the students and their parents respect and value Sandra’s genuine concern for the individual and how her love of music permeates everything she does.

- Dr. Dale Wheeler, Music Faculty, School of Creative Arts, Red Deer College, July 2017


Our 8-year-old daughter Richelle started a private piano lesson with Mrs.Scruton 6 months ago as a transfer student from another studio in Calgary. We have seen great improvement in Richelle’s ability to play with in-depth understanding of her pieces. Mrs. Scruton has unique techniques to help build a solid foundation for kids to set them up for success in playing piano in the long term. She has a very thorough and instructive teaching style that works great for young children. I would certainly recommend Mrs. Scruton to anyone interested in learning piano. She’s a fantastic teacher and definitely worth your investment!

- Krissana Kindree, May 2018


When I began looking for a piano teacher for my daughter a year ago there were many options.  I started out by emailing prospective teachers and responses began to come in.  I asked for times and rates and this is what I got back; except for Sandra.  Sandra took the time to email me her method of teaching, what to look for in a teacher and the importance of dynamics between the student and teacher.  This was information that I found invaluable, so I set up a meeting.  When my daughter and I met with Sandra, I knew right away she was the teacher for us. 

Sandra has been excellent at teaching my daughter to be accountable to her responsibilities as well as providing compliments and positive feed back which further encourage and motive.  Finding a teacher like Sandra that is truly passionate about her work and passionate about passing on the art of music has been a wonderful experience.  My daughter is not only learning music and the piano, she is learning about hard work, dedication and the rewards that accompany them.

- Wendy Renneberg, May 2018


“Our 13-year-old son, Kaleb, began piano lessons with Sandra in the middle of this past lesson year (February, 2018) and we are very pleased with how much he has learned in such a short time. He is keen to practice and we’ve noticed how his posture and hand positions are so proper and consistent when he plays. Sandra really connects with her students and challenges them to do their very best. She is remarkably organized and a natural born teacher. We can see that Sandra is fully invested in the success of her students. We were also impressed at the year-end recital to see what the students had accomplished. We would highly recommend Sandra as a piano teacher without hesitation. The lessons are not inexpensive, but we feel there is real value in Sandra’s instruction. Looking forward to what next year brings! 

- Lori and Ken Blough, May 2018


I began to learn piano in March 2015 after my retirement to pursue my dream from a very young age. After I contacted her, she interviewed me and discussed many details about the lessons. I began lessons with her in November 2016. Sandra is very passionate to teach piano lessons to her students. She is professional, and I can always feel her enthusiasm when I am in her lessons. She started teaching me very basic skills, such as how to use the fingers, wrists and arms, and how to relax. These skills were lacking in my previous lessons, but I found they are very important and useful for my future study and progress.  Sandra always adapts her teaching based on my progress. I am not just learning how to play the keys from her but have learned many techniques and theory too, which was lacking before.  Since I am an older student and often afraid that I can’t learn well enough and fast enough, I sometimes feel frustrated by my slow progress. She is always very patient and always encourages me. Based on my own experience, I would recommend Sandra to any adult students.

- Lucy Guo, June 2017


Our family has been involved in piano lessons with Sandra for the past eight years. We were involved with other piano teachers in the past, but when we transferred to Sandra's studio at the recommendation of a friend, we saw immediate improvements. Sandra pays attention to the finer details and nuances of music that are often lacking in other teachers and this transfers to how well and beautifully her students play piano. 


Sandra also does not allow her students to progress through the Royal Conservatory grades mechanically, but only when the students play with good rhythm and dynamics. She has prepared our sons for practical and theory exams, both of whom have achieved excellent grades. 


Since our involvement with Sandra, we've never yearned for another teacher. Sandra is a professional who takes her students' progress to heart. I recommend Sandra as a piano teacher without any reservation. 

- Jacqueline O’Neil, June 2017


We first met with Sandra in August of 2016, after moving to Cochrane. She wanted to meet with us before lessons to go over everything and find a vision we were both agreeable upon. It was in that meeting that I discovered a woman who was so passionate about teaching piano. I knew my daughter would be in great hands.

My daughter started lessons with Sandra as a transfer student. During this past year I watched how she learned more about technique and how to play properly in a few months than her entire time in lessons before coming to Sandra.

I would 100% recommend her to anyone who would love to learn to play the piano, or who is looking for an awesome teacher that will excel their talent in amazing ways."

 - Kristina Wiebe, June 2017


I have known Sandra for 36 years.  We have attended many piano workshops together.  She is deeply dedicated to her students.  She gives her utmost to make sure they succeed in exams or recitals.  She also understands the students who want to explore music that interests them and not follow an exam path.  She especially enjoys teaching theory.  She has had Music for Young Children training and thus is well equipped to teach them.  I enjoy attending her recitals.  Her students are well prepared and obviously appreciate her. It is a fun atmosphere of celebration for them and their families.

I highly recommend her as a competent and caring piano teacher.

- Jana Jordan, A.R.C.T., June 2017

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