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Thinking about Piano Lessons?

As parents, you are providing a wonderful gift when you enrol your child in piano lessons.


Successful piano lessons consist of a three-way partnership: 

  • Teacher: Seeks to provide the very best instruction

  • Student: Works on assigned materials at home, comes prepared with their materials to the lessons

  • Parents: Supports the whole process by not only providing lessons, materials and an instrument for the students, but also by their involvement through attendance at lessons and follow up at home for young beginners, as well as through interest and support for older students. 


To get the very most from lessons, I would suggest:


1. Always interview a potential teacher. This will allow the student to come to the first lesson feeling more comfortable with a new setting, allow the teacher to decide which materials will be needed to begin lessons, and more importantly, allow you to see if this potential teacher will be offering the kind of instruction that is suited to the goals of your family.


2. Provide the student with the best quality instrument you can afford. Please see my advice on Buying a Piano regarding the differences in instruments to help you get started.


3. Set up a practice schedule for your child. For students to make consistent progress, they must have regular practice during the week between piano lessons. By scheduling a regular time, you are:

  • telling your child this is important

  • creating a routine, which, after a short time, will become a habit

  • making sure that practice fits into your busy schedule. 

I have noticed that families that don’t set up a schedule often have piano practice fall through the cracks, and eventually the student’s progress suffers.

From time to time families have the kind of week where little or no practice can take place, however, with a regular schedule most weeks will be good weeks.

4. The most important thing you as a parent can provide for your child is your interest and encouragement!


Although this information is geared to parents who wish to enrol one or more of their children in piano lessons, it also applies to adults. It’s never too late to learn, and I welcome students of all ages, beginning age 5 and up!


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me at scrutonpiano at gmail dot com. 

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